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Asset Determination & Information Brokering

An information broker is a professional who is skilled in a number of areas, that when combined provide you with the best chance of obtaining the information you need.

An experienced information broker knows and has access to many, many more avenues of information retrieval than the average individual or firm.

Research indicates that over 80% of civil judgments are never satisfied.

SELECT DOCUMENT has assisted local lawyers,attorneys, corporations and the public since 1985 in this field of expertise.

INFORMATION IS THE KEY- it is not only beneficial but vital. By knowing what the assets are will assist you in a better position within the negotiation process.

A signed authorization form and retainer will be required.

SELECT DOCUMENT and/or its employees/contractors have made no claims to be "Private Investigators" or "Collection Agents", as defined in the statutes of the Province of Ontario (Private Investigation & Security Guard Act,
Collection Agencies Act). SELECT DOCUMENT are information consultants accessing publicly available sources for the purpose of information gathering.