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SELECT DOCUMENT has been offering superior professional service to lawyers, attorneys, paralegals, legal secretaries, and other legal professionals throughout Canada and the United States for 24 years.

We manage one of the largest legal service networks available, with affiliates in every province and state in Canada and the United States. Our servers and agents are fully trained in process serving and are knowledgeable about the rules of service in their geographic area, including correct preparation of your Affidavit of Service, notarizing and exhibiting.

For your convenience our Toll Free North American number is 1 (888) 498-4500.

One Stop for Your Legal Service Needs

With your single phone call to our Toronto office, we can handle your legal process service needs from Newfoundland to the Yukon, California to Florida, Arizona to New York, and every province and state in between. Countless firms on both sides of the border have found SELECT DOCUMENT to be their process server of choice.

SELECT DOCUMENT provides the following:

Rush Service and Same Day Service* ALWAYS Available

* Some exceptions apply

What about legal process service in Quebec?

Process service in Quebec is only effective if you use a licensed “hussier” bailiff. Our Quebec agents are all licensed bailiffs and have the right to serve in the Province of Quebec.

Concerned that your process service WILL NOT be valid if you don’t follow the rules of the Hague Convention?

Can I use a private process server? Service of process is deemed effective when using a private process service. SELECT DOCUMENT made case law in a decision that documented the effectiveness of private process service.

Service via the Hague Convention can take months to effect. Private process service can be accomplished in days to weeks.